Projects / Prototyping

4-leaf consultants has experience from different kinds of projects; re-design of motorcycles to electric, go-kart design etc. (see examples of projects below). We offer project design and development on standard terms (hourly rates). If the project qualifies to our commercial program, we may take on an active role in the project on a shared risk basis.

VW e-golf battery upgrade

We started by taking our own medicine:
VW e-golf from 2015 with a 24 kwh battery and 143.000 km had lost some of its capacity (approx. 15%). Driving at winther time did not provide sufficient range so upgrading was a desire.

The solution was to take a batteriy from a newer model (phase 2: 2017-2020) with a nominal capacity of 36 kwh. We found a battery from a crashed 2019 model with only 10.000 km. as the donor.

Result: The range was up at 272 km compared to just 155 km. before the upgrade.

CASE / Customer project:

We got our battery shifted on our 6 year old e-Golf with 130.000 km on the meter. Not that the battery had gotten anything bad, but the thought of having an extra 100 km. range added without shifting the car meant a lot to us.
 And we have not regretted this - it's almost like haven gotten a new car again. The price for the shift was very reasonable and since we could sell our old 24 kwh battery again it was a really attractive investment.

Carsten Sørensen

Hybrid diesel-electric bus

4-leaf Consulting and a group of partners are developing a retro-fit solution where existing diesel fueled busses will be converted to hybrid diesel-electric busses.

The goal of this project is to provide a solution that will reduce emissions from the existing bus fleet - in Europe alone this is about 1 mio. vehicles. Projections from various sources suggests that over the next 15-20 years, still a big portion of busses will run on fossil fuels, so an intermediate solution to cut emissions is needed.

Conversion of MC

This electric MC is built on a 1994 Honda CBR 600 F2. It has 15 12V Lead-gel batteries that are connected so they provide 60V in total.

With full acceleration the engine gets 750 ampere - equivalent to 45.000 watt!!

The MC has been tested and approved by local authorities. The MC earlier sat the NEDRA world record for converted street MC in the 48V class. Top speed about 100km/t

Elektrisk Go-kart - with SoundRacer kit

This project is an electric go-kart for indoor karting tracks.

The Go-karten is a one year old DINO rental-kart from Roskilde racing center.

Engine is a mars 3001 ac motor and controller is a KBL 72301X from kelly controller. Batteries are A123 20ah cells. It can run with either 22 or 44 cells.

The cart was showed at the 2018 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix with the SoundRacer EV sound kit and made quite an impression (to some people..)