Projects / Prototyping

Our main focus is within the technical areas and in supporting emerging technologies entering into the market. We help breaking down technical barriers to pave the way for market adoption.

We need to get technology at work. Which solutions are comming to the surface and which one will have the most impact in the green transition?  We support the efforts to make the green transition happen!

Interreg project - multi modal transport EV and train

In this 3-year project, co-funded by Interreg, we we're looking into how to motivate and pave the way for EV drivers to use the train for the last mile transportation. 

The projects was part of a wider project - mobilitet på tværs - with in total 17 partneres and orchestrated by Gate 21 and Innovation Skaane.

The projects ended in september 2022. The final report and guide can be downloaded from the Gate 21 site here>>

Market assessment - status on electrification within refuse collection

This market assessment was made on behalf of RegionH (Copenhagen metropol region) with the goal to get an overview of the current situation regarding electrification in Refuse Collection and Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV's).

The report looked into what has been the experience with electric RCV's up till now, what are the key challenges. Only RCV's that are available and relevant in the Danish market was assessed but experience from other countries with these vehicles was included where relevant.

The report also consists of a guide to municipalities and local government on how to best approach the transition into electrification in refuse collection.

The report is in Danish and can be downloaded here>>

VW e-golf battery upgrade

We started by taking our own medicine:
VW e-golf from 2015 with a 24 kwh battery and 143.000 km had lost some of its capacity (approx. 15%). Driving at winther time did not provide sufficient range so upgrading was a desire.

The solution was to take a batteriy from a newer model (phase 2: 2017-2020) with a nominal capacity of 36 kwh. We found a battery from a crashed 2019 model with only 10.000 km. as the donor.

Result: The range was up at 272 km compared to just 155 km. before the upgrade.

CASE / Customer project:

We got our battery shifted on our 6 year old e-Golf with 130.000 km on the meter. Not that the battery had gotten anything bad, but the thought of having an extra 100 km. range added without shifting the car meant a lot to us.
 And we have not regretted this - it's almost like haven gotten a new car again. The price for the shift was very reasonable and since we could sell our old 24 kwh battery again it was a really attractive investment.

Carsten Sørensen

Hybrid diesel-electric bus

4-leaf Consulting and a group of partners are developing a retro-fit solution where existing diesel fueled busses will be converted to hybrid diesel-electric busses.

The goal of this project is to provide a solution that will reduce emissions from the existing bus fleet - in Europe alone this is about 1 mio. vehicles. Projections from various sources suggests that over the next 15-20 years, still a big portion of busses will run on fossil fuels, so an intermediate solution to cut emissions is needed.

The project did not succeed getting funding secured and was terminated in 2019