If your company is considering Scandinavian market entrance or Scandinavia as the stepping stone to enter the European market, you'll need a professional & flexible partner to support this operation.

4-leaf Consulting helps Technology and high growth businesses within the sustainable energy and automotive sectors in paving the way into the Scandinavian (evt. European) market. From strategic positioning, operational business development and formal establishment. Our consultants are experienced business professionals, who have worked for large corporations and start-ups alike.


Electric Vehicles (EV's) has been on the agenda for quite some years now but it seems now that the vision is coming thru. With some help from the "diesel scandal" and an emerging understanding of what levels of polution diesel vehicles are contributing with in the cities, and the climate agenda, it finally looks as if change is on it's way.

It's hard these days to find a single car manufacturer that does not have a program in place for EV's - even if it's as classic and conservative as it can be - brands like Jaguar and Range Rover are now on their way with programs for EV's.

I suspect there was more than a few that lifted their eyebrows when Harry and Meghan, at their wedding drove off in the iconically beautiful Jaguar E type converted to electric. The car that by Enzo Ferrari was referred to as "the most beautiful car in the world" was rebuilt so the classic and beautiful appearance was retained and yet it was under the hood upgraded to performance of modern stadards and sustainable operation for the modern times.

Projects / Prototypes

The technologies are there, solid batteries testet against stable BMS systems, advanced motors and a new industry evolving around this.

Of course, tomorrows technology will be even better. That's how it's always been. So there's no reason to wait - ignite your dreams now!

Are you dreaming of cruising across the ocean without a sound in your motoryacht? Powered by solar power from your solar cell's on the boat? Or to feel the extreeme torque from the electric motor provided in your re-built classic Jaguar XJ where the engine was long overdue? Or something completely different?

4-leaf consultants has experience from different kinds of projects; re-design of motorcycles to electric, go-kart design etc. (see examples of projects below). We offer project design and development on standard terms (hourly rates). But if the project qualifies into our commercial program, we can also take on an active role in the project on a shared risk basis.


4-leaf offers a range of standard products within Renewable Energy and (RE) and Electric Vehicles (EV)

We offer high quality best in class products that we stand behind and where we believe are advantageous implemented in the right environment.

On the products page there's a list of current suppliers. Don't hessitate to contact us to learn more about other products as well.