SoundRacer Electronic Vehicle Engine Sound System (EVEES)

SoundRacer EVEES
With the SoundRacer kit installed in your EV, your EV will provide engine sound as you know it from ICE vehicles. Even though you may enjoy the silence of you EV, this also presents a problem for pedestrians and others in the traffic. The sound of an engine alerts people and make them aware of a vehicle approaching. This is not at least true for blind people who often uses sound to navigate after.

From 2019 there is a pan Europe law coming up that requires EV's to make a noice  in order to prevent accidents. The legislation is on the so called Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS). Also US traffic authorities - The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is preparing legislation in this field - also in 2019. Jaguar has introduced AVAS in the iPace a year ahead of the legislation becomes mandatory due to the risk that EV's represents to pedestrians.

Studies has shown that people that are moving around in the traffic actually prefer the engine sound above other types of noice. A study carried out by Scania over the last couple of years indicates this clearly. Continue reading in Futurism>>>

With the SoundRacer EVEES kit installed you can choose for yourself if you want your Tesla or your Nissan Leaf or ?? should sound like a Ferrari, a Lambourghini, a Shelby V8 or - if you like to design the sound yourself. Along with the standard sounds is instructions on how to design your own sound and store it on the MicroSD card that comes along with the product. Read more on the: SoundRacer EVEES site>>

SoundRacer for fun - remote controled model cars
The SoundRacer products can also be use for electric scooters og model cars. Have a look - and listen on the video on Youtube (Remember! good loudspeakers for the optimal experience..) and get the product sheet here>>

 4-leaf is exclusive SoundRacer distributor in Denmark.