"Mobility across" - new Interreg project for mobility

4-leaf Consulting and a group of Danish & Swedish partners has teamed up in an Interreg project to help devellop mobility across sectors and borders.

Transport and mobility has a key role in the green transition. CO2 emissions from transport is still rising and today counts for about one third of the total CO2 emissions. Not to mention consequences of other types of emissions in cities and urban areas. At the same time public transportation is under pressure, financially and not at least during the current pandemic.

In this project 17 Danish and Swedish partners has joined forces in an inter-regional project that aims to focus on greener solutions to the mobility needs in the region.

Innovation Skaane and Gate 21 is heading the project. Check out more at the Gate 21 homepage (danish language) >>>

The project follows a number of other projects in this category and new forum that consolidates projects has been initiated; Mobility Forum - Greater Copenhagen. You can follow us on Linked-in and on January 19-20 2021 a joint conference will be held: THE FUTURE OF GREEN MOBILITY IN GREATER COPENHAGEN


The underestimated potential from BEV technology

ScienceDirect takes in this article a deep dive into the climate footprint from BEV vs. that of ICE based vehicles.

Over the years several articles has been produced by more or less suspicious sources. In this article ScienceDirect aims to consider ALL relevant parameters in order to evaluate the potential from BEV vs ICE technology. 

Link to article>>>

How V2G is Helping an Island Become Beautifully Green

Welcome to Bornholm – one of the first places in the world where vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is being used as a part of the daily work for homecare and social care workers managed by the Regional Municipality. Bornholm currently has 19 electric vehicles (EVs) tasked in part with the critical job of providing daily care to its citizens.

Ebbe Jensen, the fleet manager at the Regional Municipality of Bornholm, recently spoke with us on the small island.

“When you start using a new technology like V2G, it inevitably creates some doubt in your mind. For example, ‘Will everything work as it should?’ When we got the new V2G chargers from Nuvve, I had that feeling – that doubt. So in the beginning, I went on an evening walk everyday to see if the chargers were ‘behaving’ as expected. In the end, it’s my responsibility that the 19 electric cars are always charged to the right level. So let’s put it this way: I went on MANY evening walks during that period of time.”

Continue reading on the NUVVE site>>>

Article from Wirthschaftswoche - electric busses on their way

More and more big-cities are putting effort into getting electric busses out on the streets a survey published in German Wirtschaftswoche shows. The survey, that covers all European countries shows, that the first projects are on their way in the larger cities.

Considerably amount of money has to be invested in this transition and the speed at which this would realistically be possible is not fast. Projections in the surv are way more concervative than what we at 4-leaf Consulting estimates - however cities like Hamburg is really trying to speed up the transition during agressive targets for this.

The article is available from Sustainable-bus.com>>>

June 24 2018 VW's electric super car breaks the record on Pikes Peak

The Electric Race car I.D. R from VW broke the record to get to the top of Pikes Peak with more than 16 seconds!

After 19.990 intense meter, 1.440 height meter and 156 curves, the electric race car I.D. R drove over the goal line at Pikes Peak in Colorado, US. I.D. R was in the ‘Electric Modified Class’, but also had the ambition to beat the overall record for all classes.

This target was achieved when the French driver Romain Dumas, reached the top in an amazing 7:57,148 time. The new record is the fastest ever for all classes! The former record was 8:13,878, is from 2013 by Sébastin Loeb in a Peugeot 208 T16 with 875 hp. Read the article (danish) in Ingeniøren>>>