Busworld 2019

Busworld is the bi-annual conference and exhibition for people and organizations involved in public bus transportation. This year it was moved to Brussels Expo and more than 40.000 people found their way to it.

It is quite clear that electrification of bus transportation is a big thing although also other drive train technologies, like CNG & fuel cell, were promoted. City busses is expected to be the first area where the electrification will have a break through and despite the challenges seen in a number of projects over the last few years, the technologies continues to evolve and prices are going down, so the real commercial break-through is probably not far away.

Fully charged live 2019

The 2'nd fully charged live show will be at the Silverstone race track on June 6-8. 

We'll be there - and looking forward to it. Check out the program here>>>

P4G Copenhagen Summit 2018

P4G Copenhagen Summit 2018 was held in Copenhagen on 19-20 Oktober 2018.

State leaders, companies, NGO's etc. was gathered for this summit in Copenhagen to put focus on the climate change challenge and to facilitate partnerships that can contribute to find real solutions to this challenge in order to avoid the worst possible scenarios.

HM Queen Margrethe was hosting a dinner on the evening of the 19'th at Christiansborg where she in her speach also expressed the deep concern the climate change represents.

Ahead of the summit the latest report from IPCC had set the scene for how serious the problem is and how urgent we need to respond with real actions to reduce emissions.

4-leaf Consulting was invited to join the summit that has a clear goal to facilitate partnerships - public and private and across countries and regions. The climate challenge IS global and should be adressed as a common challenge we all face. We only have this one planet - so we need to take care of it - and everybody should contribute. This, we believe, was acomplished and the summit was concluded with an award ceremony where HRH Crown Princess Mary presented the price for the best partner solution.

See the P4G full recap on youtube here>>>

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2018

There was great interest - from larger and smaller - on the CHGP for the electric go-kart with the SoundRacer kit mounted that sounded like a Ferrari V12, a Shelby V8 and a Harley Davidson - of your choice!

The Harbilt electric car was the most classic car and many race enthusiasts was interested in learning of the implications of a conversion project. However - this particular subject - the conversions of classic race cars to EV - can be a quite controversial subject to some classic car owners..

The flexible CIGS based PV solar paneles were also demonstrated charging live on the booth.

Meet 4-leaf on the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix August 4-5

4-leaf will be present at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix on August 4-5.

We will show a couple of projects and you get the chance to have a chat with EV designer - Klaus Nissen.

We also have Kenneth Palmestål from Swedish SoundRacer present on the both also showing the SoundRacer products.

EV Momentum Berlin, June 19-21 2018

4-leaf joined when a brand new 3-day summit - EV Momentum, took place in parrallel with the annual CWIEME in Berlin on June 19-21.

The conference covered a broad range of topics during the 3 days. Anything from Lithium mining and the status on this key ressource - to state of the art race teknologi represented by head of electrical at the Williams F1 team, Rob Millar.

The Danish automobil/EV designer Henrik Fisker was also present talking about., in a keynote disruption session, the status on solid state batteries and the importance of this for the entire e-mobility area.

Wednesday ended with an award show where the winner of the first ever EV Momentum award was UK based RETORQ Motors Ltd for their advanced compact electric motor. Jesper took the opportunity to congratulate them on stage!