Electric Vehicles (EV's) has been on the agenda for quite some years now but it now seems as the vision is coming through. With some help from the "diesel scandal" and an emerging understanding of what polution from especially diesel vehicles are contributing to in the cities - and the entire climate agenda - a break through is on it's way.

Most car manufacturers now have a program in place for EV's and the next question to ask is; will the charging infrastructure follow the demand for charging? And also - will the grid be able to supply the power required for charging millions of EV's? New technologies are on it's way for the smart-grid that will enable this and at the same time support power shaving, frequency containment etc.The Vehicle 2 Grid (V2G) technology is emerging but promissing projects are carried out around the world.

Are EV's really cleaner than ICE based vehicles?
There is one thing that seem to continue to pop up from time to time in the debate on EV's and that is - "are EV's really cleaner than their ICE counterparts?". So here's a couple of links on serious research in the field: Bloomberg article as of January 2019>>> and a "well to wheel" lifecycle report from Wood Mackenzie>>>  
But - You can be sure that "big oil" and the industries so heavily dependentent on fossil based transportation will continue to poise reports and "research" of dubious quality in the years to come!

If you missed the journey of the EV..
Tesla's Elon Musk recently tweeted, "Great electric car documentary about early days of Tesla, GM Volt, Nissan Leaf & Gadget. So much has happened since then." Indeed. With the spotlight shining so brightly on Elon and Tesla, it's hard to remember how far the man (and the company) have come since the early days. Many of the early struggles surrounding Tesla were captured in this fascinating flick, Revenge of the Electric Car.