Why 4-Leaf Consulting?

The change to sustainable energy sources is a necessity becomming more and more obvious to most humans. Unfortunately the change is happening too slowly in order to avoid a climate crises. We need to accelerate this change and act in many different areas - and do it now!

The good news is, that technologies in many sectors are so progressed that it actually is a sound business case to take advantage of modern technology. So acting and helping make the change, instead of BAU can often be of real financial benefit also.

4-leaf Consulting aims to support this through analyses, design and implementation of solutions and initiate and join projects in the field - mainly within the automotive and energy sectors.

If you consider why we have to do this then please spend 12 minutes watching this video of Elon Musk's speach ahead of the climate summit in Paris in 2015. and what by Elon Musk is referred to as the dumbest experiment in history!

If you want further perspective on how we got to this point in our society and the consequences, then "the brutal logic of climate change" (1h 17m) is both thought provoking and alarming!

4-Leaf Consulting profiles

Jesper Østergaard

Having spent about 25 years in IT Jesper decided to make a move into an area that he feels strongly for. The climate change agenda is one of the most challenging in our time, and we are the last generation who can do something about it. This calls for action now. Jesper, and the team at 4-Leaf will actively contribute to make this change.

“Over the years I have followed the EV and renewable energy industries from the sideline, and not least the Energy Academy on Samsoe. I am puzzled that politicians do not see climate change actions and economic development in a wider perspective.”

Jespers background and experience includes IT services and software product development - primarily from commercial and delivery angles and as a business leader and owner. This includes mergers and acquisitions of companies and an IPO on the First North Nasdaq Nordic Exchange.

Jesper has a technical background with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering from Aarhus University School of Engineering and Business law from Aarhus School of Business.


Jeppe Rasmussen

Seasoned CEO and board member in a series of leading technology companies within energy, climate technology, automation, construction, marine and infrastructure.

In his role as CEO at Schneider Electric Buildings A/S, Jeppe introduced the energy renovation concept ESCO and applied it to specific Danish circumstances. He has been a member of several government committees within energy efficiency - a.m.o. "growth team for Energy & Climate".

With focus on the overall objectives, Jeppe is motivated by the opportunity to develop the business, strategically, commercially and technically. Jeppe has a Ph.D from DTU, INSEAD Executive Programme and CBS Board education. Spare time is spent equally on classic cars and sailing.


Klaus Nissen

Senior developer and test driver. With many years of experience within design and development of EV's of different kinds and a range of land speed records, incl. world record for handicap scooter! -

Klaus brings a solid technical and pragmatic background to 4-leaf Consulting. Some of the projects on these pages was developed by Klaus.

Roar Nicolaisen

For more than a decade Roar has had a passion for the struggle against climate change and he is determined to find a solution to the problem of intermittency of green energy sources like PV and wind.

In this quest Roar has acquired extensive experience with energy storage technologies where he has worked with development of novel materials, optimization of component performance and a wide variety of battery testing methods.

Roar has a technical background with a Master of Science Degree in Chemistry from Aarhus University.