Meet 4-leaf on the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix August 4-5

4-leaf will be present at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix on August 4-5.

We will show a couple of projects and you get the chance to have a chat with EV designer - Klaus Nissen.

We also have Kenneth Palmestål from Swedish SoundRacer present on the both also showing the SoundRacer products.

EV Momentum Berlin, June 19-21 2018

4-leaf joined when a brand new 3-day summit - EV Momentum, took place in parrallel with the annual CWIEME in Berlin on June 19-21.

The conference covered a broad range of topics during the 3 days. Anything from Lithium mining and the status on this key ressource - to state of the art race teknologi represented by head of electrical at the Williams F1 team, Rob Millar.

The Danish automobil/EV designer Henrik Fisker was also present talking about., in a keynote disruption session, the status on solid state batteries and the importance of this for the entire e-mobility area.

Wednesday ended with an award show where the winner of the firt ever EV Momentum award was UK based RETORQ Motors Ltd for their advanced compact electric motor. Jesper took the opportunity to congratulate them on stage!